Point of Sales for Persol Sunglasses

On this page we will show you an overview for point of sales for Persol SunGlasses
Our ambition is to make this overview as complete as possible, but we will only list the main shops and preferably the premium shops.
A shop will only be listed if we have received permision to do, or if a point of sale is listed at the store locator at the Persol.com website.

Persol Dealers Netherlands

Below the overview for Persol Dealers in the Netherlands:

  • Bas Optiek (Amsterdam)
  • Bas Optiek (Groningen)
  • Bell;ottica (Tilburg)
  • Brilpoort (Maastricht)
  • Corne Optiek (Woudenberg)
  • Eekelaar Eye Fashion (Tilburg)
  • Egbers Optiek (Gorile)
  • Greving & Greving (Assen)
  • Groeneveld B en C (Rotterdam)
  • Jekel Modebrillen (Amersfoort)
  • Linneman V.O.F. (Groningen)
  • Mooie Kijkers (Amersfoort)
  • Mook Brillen (Amsterdam)
  • Optiek Artistiek beursplein WTC (Rotterdam)
  • Optiek Karl Kramp (Maastricht)
  • Optiek Verhoeven markt (Eindhoven)
  • Schmeck Optiek (Maastricht)
  • Time Optix (Eindhoven)
  • Van Gastel Optiek (Tilburg)
  • Verkerk optiek (Amersfoort)
  • Vermaas Brillen (Nieuwegijn)
  • Vrind optiek (Groningen)
  • Werrelman Opticiens (Eindhoven)

Persol Dealers Belgium

Below the overview for Persol Dealers in Belgium:

  • Bodart Optique (Brussel)
  • Jossa S.A. (Liege)
  • Kremer Optique (Brussel)
  • Matagne bernard Optique (Liege)
  • Touiss Optique (Brussel)

The page with information on Persol shopping locations in the Netherlands and Belgium is constructed with care and passion. Although we cannot guarantee that this information on shopping sites is complete or up to date. Please contact a shopping location upfront before travelling to the shop.
Please let us know if you see any incorrect information or you know that a relevant shopping location is missing from the overview.

(Page last updated on: 11 january 2019)